Trends in the Indian Property Market: Where to invest in India -Part one: Satellite Urban Villages

Indian Property Market

Where to invest in India is the all important question.
PropVestment recently spent a few weeks away from our London base and visited various parts of India.We wanted to find out where to invest in India. We looking into potential investments, the latest most innovative developments, areas of growth and analysing a property market far different to the one we are accustomed to in the UK.

Here we wish to share just a few observations from India, and that they mean to a Property Investor. What implications it should have upon your decision making when considering investing in India.


Currently worldwide 50% population live in urban areas, India currently only 28%.
This means that India is far behind in the geographical phenomenon of rural urban migration, however like many other developing countries as well as developed countries this has rise to a range of issues in urban planning and infrastructure.
India’s solution, which has totally come about from the private construction sector and the growing demand of housing by the increasing middle class.

Satellite Urban Villages:
The architectural developments that take place on the periphery of cities on account of growing urban populace. Such developments provide fully sustainable living conditions with ample infrastructure and support amenities.
Satellite Urban Villages aim at de-congesting the dense urban conglomeration and in turn provide an opportunity for city dwellers to escape the hustle of the city to a more serene and high quality life while enjoying all aspects of life that they are used to.
Top locations of new Satellite Urban Villages include Bangalore, Nagpur, Jaipur, Indore and Chennai.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Where to Invest in India?

PropVestment’s tips where to invest in India

For an investor this is vital information, firstly that although some of the biggest cities in India, like Mumbai and Dehli have boomed, there are huge capital gains possible in the upcoming Tier II cities as mentioned above. This is due to a great potential for rural urban migration, most Tier I cities like Mumbai people are out priced.
Further to this is the phenomenon of the Indian middle class preference and desire for these Satellite Urban Villages in place of city centre congested blocks. To safely invest, one must clearly understand the regional and cultural norms and preferences.

The values of older style apartment blocks are starting to subside as this trend for modern luxuries and amenities strengthens, this is extenuated by the bollywood and celebrity culture in this country.

Keep an eye out for more exciting and intriguing observations we found in the Indian market.

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Sources: personal observations, analysis and data from Estate World magazine.
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