Micro Renewable Energy: A viable investment? – Part One: WIND

Over the last few years there has been an increasing focus on our energy needs and how we may have sustainability in the future with diminishing fossils fuel supply and an ever increasing cost point.

Of course from a Home Owners’ point of view the increasing cost of energy together with our increasing demand in usage of high end consumer electronics means they would welcome anything that will reduce costs.

What is renewable energy? Is renewable energy a viable investment? What types of renewable energy are appropriate here in the UK? How much will it cost and does the Government provide any assistance?
Finally is this a option for your Investment property, does it increase rentability or add to the overall value?
All these questions need to be considered and answered before one can make a balanced conclusion and decide to invest or not.

We at PropVestment feel there is not enough clear guidance and through this article and a few more to follow would like to research, inform and analyse the options.
The main options are wind, solar thermal and solar electric (PV)


Here in the UK nobody can dispute the potential for utilising wind power. Over recent years more and more wind farms have sprung up across the countryside and off shore. The council has been given incentives by the Government to allow the development of these farms further.
However there has been little progress of micro wind turbines suitable for residential buildings and areas. Previous efforts have been noisey and visually intrusive and for those reasons not a favourable option, unitl now……

Smart Power Products are a manufacturing company specializing in renewables energy products range from pedal powered aircraft to super discreet wind turbines.
The Secret Energy Turbines are a range of silent and discreet wind turbines designed to take advantage of the compressed seen at rooftops. They all feature latest maglev technology and simple and rugged engineering with a “Fit and Forget” approach to the complete design. The result is a family of wind turbines which can be adapted to almost any environment from Coronation Street to the Taj Mahal. Mosques, churches, industrial, domestic, agricultural end users can all use the SET, a product for the future, a product for OUR future. Silently spinning, hour after hour, day after day contributing to the well-being of our planet and turning free wind power into usable electricity for everyone.
They offer a wide choice of installations; from a simple grid tie inverter set up with simply slows down the consumption of electricity from the grid by plugging the turbine`s power into an electric socket. (this is the simplest and cleanest option), to a stand-alone system with multi battery packs for real independence from the grid and protection from windless days.
Fact is that power cuts are soon to become a fact of life in the UK as they are already in other parts of the world. California power cuts are now a weekly phenomenon.
Following a two year intensive research and development program involving testing several different designs, the SET is now in full production.
The SET come with a full 10 year guarantee and are designed to be 100% maintenance free.
But we are moving forward with these systems especially with the grid tie systems which do away with the batteries and paraphernalia. We can now offer a complete chimney pot style system for less than £1000, and a clock tower system for less than £2000. We are keen to talk to both builders and developers and overseas distributors and even investors. We are looking at selling franchises for marketing zones and sectors.
Figure 3 shows our unique generator. This is a bearing less design which has NO moving parts and the magnets are set to last for 200 years before losing their power. This really is a solid product.

Contact PropVestment for one

This is just one example of what option are available out there. Currently we are not aware of any government incentives or subsidies for micro wind energy. Councils have been given cash to allow wind farms to be built so one can only assume that subsidies for micro wind projects will follow in a similar way to the ones available for Solar PV systems.

So is this suitable for your investment property, PropVestment?

As far as your own house is concerned these wind turbines are fantastic pieces of kit, especially as they are non intrusive and silent. Wind energy energy can significantly reduce your electric costs. If you have investment properties where you offer tenants all inclusive deals with bills included then you are in the same position that if you occupied the place yourself. However it is more difficult to justify and recover the investment if the tenants pay the bills. A landlord would find it very difficult to persuade a higher rent because the property has a wind turbine attached, in particular in these current economic times people generally see the short term rather than long term view.
Overall these developments, especially over coming the major drawback of previous wind power power systems of noise and visual appeal have been addressed. Hopeful in the near future the government will bring out incentive to encourage wider take up of such products and that will encourage innovation too.

Keep a watch out for our coming articles on Solar thermal, Solar PV and guidance from the goverment.

For more information on these amazing innovative wind energy products contact:
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Smart Power Products Ltd.
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Orchard Hill
Devon, EX39 2RA
Tel : 0044 (0)1237 459717
Mob : 07794637768
E : airbikeuk@gmail.com
W : www.airbikeuk.co.uk
W : www.secretenergyturbine.com

SAVE up to £1,500 per Property in Tax relief by Being GREEN

Save money Saving the environment

Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance (LESA) is a tax allowance of up to £1,500 per property that private landlords can claim when they install energy efficiency measures in their rented properties.
So for a portfolio of 10 properties that’s £15,000 tax savings. Being Green and energy efficient is important, this added financial incentive is easy to take advantage of, but it won’t be around for ever. Further at present in the economic climate it easy cheaper and easier to get improvements done, and do not forget winter is coming.

In 2004 the Government introduced a tax allowance called the Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance (LESA), allowing private landlords to claim back money when they improve the energy efficiency of their rented properties. This is a very simple process with expenditure offset against tax through your annual Tax Return form, up to a maximum of £1,500 per property. Read more

How to Earn up to an additional £1000 Tax Free per property by being Green

  • · Earn up to £1000 per property = £7bn nationally (tax free)
  • · Save 692kg of Co2 Saved per property = 8.5m tonnes nationally
  • · 0% APR finance from British Gas

The article below copied from www.propertytalklive.co.uk, shows this new scheme offered by British Gas. Landlord’s should jump on this, its an additional income and is doing your bit to be green and protect the environment. The returns work out as much as 8% and if you qualify for the finance this works out even more.


As many as half of Britain’s homes could earn around £600 a year from roof top solar panels with some earning as much as £1000.

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Landlords: Ways to be Green and Save Money

For all Landlords, in particular when lets are to students, all inclusive ASTs, or Flat Shares it is very important to try keep the costs down for pure profiteering reasons as well as doing our bit to be green. Being environmentally friendly in the long run really pays off financially and you can use being green as a marketing tool also. Being green can be expensive but there are a few cheap alternatives that can really have a big impact.

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