House Prices: Rising or Falling?

House Price Changes across UK

Diagram from the Telegraph

As the figures show, a universal headline figure of property price changes just doesn’t have relevance to individuals or investors. There is a huge disparity in rates and it is not in the stereotypical divide many of you are accustomed to.

Predictably London fairs well and in my opinion is one of the safest spots to invest in the long term. The not so great performance of the rest of the South East really drives home that nationally the outlook is not so good. The strong growth of the North West is great news for that area, one of previous very gloomy economic forecasts. This is a great place to put some money in if this price rises continue. In a region where you can still pick up bargains, properties where the equivalent in London would be 5-8 times the price. With higher percentages for council housing, this provides a great investor ground for stable rentals.

What has caused this increase in prices in the North West?

Where would you put your money?

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