PropVestment Guide: Top Tips for Property Listings

Top Tips for Property Listings

With so much online and offline marketing now available through traditional estate agent, and corner shop window listings, through to listing online or Zoopla, Right Move, Gumtree, Findaproperty etc…It is vital your listings catch the attention of viewers and then that attention must be converted into interest. Here is a basic guide of some of the essentials you must get right whether listing to sell or rent, offline or online to get maximum impact.

  • Be Simple & Truthful
  • Lots of Photos & Map
  • Eye catching Title
  • Appropriate contact information
  • Content
  • Technology, Video & Social Media

Top Tips:

1. Be Simple & Truthful

Appearance must be simple, easy to navigate and easy on the eye, the main focal point must be the key content and the photos, not a fancy frilly colourful border.  Use short sentences or bullet points, and state main facts like price, size early on. The simpler it looks the more professional it seems so the more trustworthy you are in the viewers’ eyes.

2. Lots of Photos & Map

It is true that what they say, a photo does say a thousand words. Make sure photos show all the positive aspects of the property.

1. Cover the essentials. Make sure you include shots of the property’s main elements. Features that shouldn’t be left out include the front and back of the property, bedrooms, livings areas, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, garden and any other special attributes or unique features.

2. The more photos, the better. Never be afraid to include more photos than you think you need. A floor plan is also a great inclusion if at all possible. Max the number out on online listing sites

3. Watch for intruders. Are there items in the room that shouldn’t be there, or that send the wrong message?

4. Watch the weather. While it’s not something you can control, photos that show an overcast sky or dreary late afternoon light are best avoided. Your camera settings can help with this, as can Photoshop. But don’t overdo it.

5. Don’t leave them guessing. Photographing just one half of a room, even if you are trying to focus only on its best attributes, can make potential buyers suspicious as to what lies outside the frame.

6. Work your angles. Photographing large rooms from different angles gives the viewer a sense of perspective. By the same token, don’t be tempted to take crooked shots or to succumb to the lure of the wide-angle lens.

7. Common mistakes to avoid include using your flash in a room where lights are already on or in front of a window, and accidentally including yourself in a photo taken in front of a mirror.

8. Giving a sense of what life is like in a home is great, but don’t try too hard. Removing clutter is a great idea. Going so far as to include obviously constructed scenes, will only create a sense of falseness.

9. If in doubt, go to the pros. While it’s certainly more expensive than whipping out your trusty digital camera, hiring a professional photographer could end up being well worth the extra cost, a great one we often use is Bhavik Haria,

10. Add a map. It is never been easier to add a map and the best is still Google maps, pinpoint the building, get a share link to insert it directly into your listing, viewers can easily see the location and locality, and using Google street view and Google Earth can see the exterior of the property.

3. Eye catching Title

This is the first thing that is on your listing, it is what search engines pick up and what catches the eye of the viewer. Use grab words to get that initial attention such as “Just Reduced,” “New on Market,” “Urgent,” etc.  Be to the point as there is limited space, and only use positive adjectives, like friendly neighbourhood.

4.  Appropriate Contact Information

Have a mobile telephone number for two main reasons; one it should always be with you so you never miss a call, secondly you are guaranteed to be the only one handling the call so there is no missed opportunities. Also it looks unprofessional when having to leave messaged with family members. Give an email address that is your name or company, rather than your fun one you use on messenger.

5. Content

The content is what will ultimately sell your property to the viewer. Use words to describe and persuade the viewer, try not to be too waffley as this put people off. Only use positive adjectives, if neighbours are not very social; do not write that, say quiet and social neighbourhood for those who prefer their privacy.  Use short sentences or bullet points. Add links to your website and other sources of credentials to stand out as a reliable and trustworthy person to deal with. Also add details of any HIPs, or EPCs you have available to share and any references from past dealings too.

The better the information, the less time wasting and hassle for you, and it will filter out the most appropriate potentials.

6. Technology, Video & Social Media

You must embrace the latest technological advances, the more interactive your listing the greater information you can share, the more of an experience you provide to the viewer the more responsive they will be. Video walk through using a standard video camera and voice over, quick edit and publish on YouTube can get you by, also look at virtual guided tour technologies; a simple search brings up a range of options. An easy to use option is . It is great and gives you an embedded link to add to your site or listing.

Also the use of Social Media, namely Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others can dramatically increase your exposure. Getting friends to share and retweet can give you exponential exposure. Also people sometimes trust you more if you are recommended through a friend.  Social Media is huge and all the largest companies are using it for marketing purposes, so should you, and the best part is you can get away with paying nothing.

Please give your feedback and comments, what would you advise?

What experiences have you had?

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