Tesco Mortgage Buy to Let

Supermarket Tesco launches 1.99% Mortgage – every little helps

Tesco Bank launches fixed 1.99% Mortgage

Tesco Mortgage Key Facts

  • Tesco Mortgage Buy to Let1.99% Fixed until end 2014
  • 4.24% There after
  • 4.00% APR
  • £995 Arrangement Fee (£195 Booking Fee, £800 Product fee)
  • 60% Maximum LTV (Loan to Value)
  • More suited for Remortgages than First Timer Buyers


Tesco Bank 1.99% Mortgage

Tesco has taken advantage of the government’s “Funding for Lending” scheme to launch the new rate, which is 0.65 % lower than any of its previous best fixed-rate mortgage.

The funding for lending scheme allows lenders to access funding at below market rates, as long as these will be given as loans to businesses and families.

The scheme was expected to help first time buyers who cannot get mortgages but in this case first time buyers are still not helped due to the 40% deposits required. It will be more useful for those wanting to remortgage and gain a monthly saving on installments. It is unclear at the moment whether they will allow this rate for buy to let mortgages. There is a early repayment penalty during the fixed period, however this is unlikely to effect many.

Leeds Building Society also offered a 1.99 % deal in 2011, but the fee was double at £1,995.

Funding for Lending is not having much impact on the mortgage market, in fact figures show that lending is down 15% on a year ago.

PropVestment’s Thoughts

Overall the Tesco Mortgage does not fulfill the objective of Funding for Lending. However it is a great move for investors. The gap between base rate and lending rate is decreased. Further more householders can remortgage, reducing their monthly outgoings which can then be used to payoff higher interest debt as well as investment.

PropVestment has some excellent high yield investment opportunities in UK residential and commercial properties. Email info@PropVestment today for a NO OBLIGATION consultation.


This product has now been taken off the market, seems to have been more a promotion and media tool than a genuine deal

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