SAVE up to £1,500 per Property in Tax relief by Being GREEN

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Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance (LESA) is a tax allowance of up to £1,500 per property that private landlords can claim when they install energy efficiency measures in their rented properties.
So for a portfolio of 10 properties that’s £15,000 tax savings. Being Green and energy efficient is important, this added financial incentive is easy to take advantage of, but it won’t be around for ever. Further at present in the economic climate it easy cheaper and easier to get improvements done, and do not forget winter is coming.

In 2004 the Government introduced a tax allowance called the Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance (LESA), allowing private landlords to claim back money when they improve the energy efficiency of their rented properties. This is a very simple process with expenditure offset against tax through your annual Tax Return form, up to a maximum of £1,500 per property. Read more

How to Earn up to an additional £1000 Tax Free per property by being Green

  • · Earn up to £1000 per property = £7bn nationally (tax free)
  • · Save 692kg of Co2 Saved per property = 8.5m tonnes nationally
  • · 0% APR finance from British Gas

The article below copied from, shows this new scheme offered by British Gas. Landlord’s should jump on this, its an additional income and is doing your bit to be green and protect the environment. The returns work out as much as 8% and if you qualify for the finance this works out even more.


As many as half of Britain’s homes could earn around £600 a year from roof top solar panels with some earning as much as £1000.

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Landlords: Ways to be Green and Save Money

For all Landlords, in particular when lets are to students, all inclusive ASTs, or Flat Shares it is very important to try keep the costs down for pure profiteering reasons as well as doing our bit to be green. Being environmentally friendly in the long run really pays off financially and you can use being green as a marketing tool also. Being green can be expensive but there are a few cheap alternatives that can really have a big impact.

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