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About White Oak Finance

White Oak Finance is a London and Home Counties based independent insurance brokerage providing a Business and Personal Protection Advisory service to businesses throughout the UK. We compare products from all the UK’s leading insurers to ensure you
the most competitive premiums and ensure that any protection taken out is appropriate to your needs.

We provide businesses and large independent shareholders with the necessary guidance and support to protect their interests in a company in a Tax efficient manner.

White Oak Finance also provides a bespoke Personal Protection service to High Net Worth individuals ensuring their Protection Portfolio is appropriate for their needs, is held in suitable Trusts and is optimised to mitigate against any potential Inheritance Tax liabilities using Whole of Life plans as appropriate.

What is Shareholder/Partner Protection

The issues that affect directors are similar to those that concerns business partners.

If no plans are put in place should a director die, then the surviving directors run the risk of the shares passing to someone with no interest in the business, a different approach or priorities for the business, or even a competitor that might then be in a position to mount a takeover bid.

Typically on death or illness, business owners intend that their families receive value for their shareholding and the surviving shareholders/partners would like to purchase the deceased shares pro-rata to existing holdings. Shareholder Protection aims to put in place all provisions, to ensure that this will happen. We use Tax efficient products to ensure that suitable protection is provided

What is Loan Protection?

As a company grows, it will require additional funding, as initial shareholder or partner capital has been exhausted. The ability to repay any borrowing may well be dependent on the continued ability of one or two key people to fully participate in the business.
Should they die or suffer a Critical Illness this could lead to a break in short term cash flow, leading to an inability to service loan repayments. A lender could call in loans or withdraw facilities, causing the company hardship in the long term.

Loan protection aims to mitigate against these risks by taking appropriate protection that can provide a cash lump sum to pay off debt or a regular income to service the debt.

Key Person Protection

This is where the business insures against the financial loss that it may suffer as a result of losing a “key” employee to death or a specified Critical Illness.

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