The top 5 things to look for when property hunting in London

Looking for a new apartment in London is exciting. The capital is a fantastic place to live and is filled with amazing bars, restaurants, attractions and schools. But it’s also big, so the home hunt can get a little bit confusing at times.

I think you can definitely narrow down your list of potential abodes by looking out for five main things in a property. This should quickly whittle down the apartments to a select few that are perfect for your needs. Keep this guide to hand and you’ll be moving into a new home in no time!

1. Public transport

We’d all love to enjoy a gentle morning stroll into the office every morning, but if you work in the city centre and don’t have the bank balance of a millionaire, you’re going to have to compromise and live a bit away from your office. This is why it’s so important to pick an apartment that is close to a bus, London Overground or tube stop. As tempting as it is to live slap bang in the heart of the capital, this will cost you a hefty mortgage deposit, so look at areas on the outskirts.

Wembley, for example, is home to a plethora of tube and Overground stations, such as North Wembley, Wembley Central, Wembley Arena and Wembley High Road. It will take you around 45 minutes to an hour to get to Liverpool Street in the financial district, while the West End is around half an hour away.

2. Bars and restaurants

You won’t want to always have to go into the centre of London in order to enjoy a few drinks and a meal. Staying with Wembley, there’s the Brent Cross Shopping Centre nearby, which has more than 20 places to eat and drink, as well as several restaurants on Wembley High Street. Make sure you walk around the local area and see what establishments are available, even if you’re just after a sandwich shop for a quick bite to eat.

3. Schools

If you don’t yet have little ones running around, it’s still always good to check out what schools are in the area. This not only will increase the value of your apartment should you ever decide to sell, but will also come in handy for when the time comes for you to start a family. The capital boasts some of the best primary and secondary schools in the country, not to mention leading colleges and universities. If you’ve considered moving to Bow, it has dozens of educational establishments, such as Manorfield, Our Lady RC, Mulberry Girls’, George Green’s and Bethnal Green Technology Centre.

4. Green spaces

It’s always lovely to have open spaces near your home, whether to go for a run, to walk the dog or simply to have a picnic with loved ones. Choosing an apartment that is close to a park or public gardens will help you retain its value. One affordable area of London is Greenwich, where you will find Blackheath Common and Greenwich Royal Park.

5. The property’s condition

Your list of apartments might tick all of the above boxes, but if the condition of the property is going to cost you several thousands of pounds to sort out, it might not be worth purchasing it. This is why buying new-build apartments can be a fantastic way to guarantee you won’t have to blow your decor, mortgage payments and utility bills budget on bringing your abode up to modern standards. Look out for new apartments in areas of regeneration, as you’ll often get high-quality accommodation for a lot less than if you were to purchase right in the centre of London.

Further information about affordable apartments can be found here.

If you’ve been house hunting in London, add any useful hints and tips below.

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